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Death the Kid by AimiLuna Death the Kid :iconaimiluna:AimiLuna 1 0 Benihime by AimiLuna Benihime :iconaimiluna:AimiLuna 3 17
Experimental Chapter 4
Ren looked at Hitsugaya sadly as he held his head. He was muttering something unintelligent to himself. Ren tried to calm him by
holding his hand and running her fingers through his dirty white hair. Nothing she tried worked. She shook him hard and that brought him
out of his trance. He stared at Ren with tears in his eyes.
"Why can't I remember? Shouldn't it be easy?" Tears flowed out of Hitsugaya's distressed teal eyes. Ren didn't know what to tell
the crying child. She wiped the tears away.
"Don't cry. I'll help you get your memory back. I swear." she told him.
"Really?" he asked. Ren nodded. Hitsugaya threw his arms around Ren's furry neck. "Thank you." he mumbled. Ren's feline face
was deathly serious.
"I need to ask you some questions. Answer them the best you can." she said. Hitsugaya sat up and nodded. "Tell me the last thing
you remember." Hitsugaya thought for a moment then he had his answer.
"I was pulled into a room and they held me down." He hugged his knees in fear. "They
:iconaimiluna:AimiLuna 0 13
Experimental Chapter 3
Hitsugaya's arm burned with pain. The man smiled as he prepared for another strike. He gave Hitsugaya five long deep wounds on
his arm. Then he put the knife back on the table and sat down in a chair, watching the boy. Hitsugaya cradled his wounded arm against him.
The gashed refused to stop bleeding. Blood soaked his white linen shirt.
'Why are they hurting me? What did I do wrong?' Hitsugaya thought. His fingers were numb and he felt light headed, both from
loss of blood.  He looked at the man with rage and hate. His vision was clearing and he could now make out the man's scrunched up face. The
man's smiled grew and he had an evil look on his face. Hitsugaya wondered why.
"Stop looking at me and pay attention to your arm, boy." Hitsugaya looked at his arm just in time to see the five wounds seal
themselves up. Hitsugya was amazed. Those wounds had been down to his bone and now it looked like nothing ever happened. Even the
bruise on his thumb had disappeared. "Good. The exp
:iconaimiluna:AimiLuna 1 3
Experimental Chapter 2
Hitsugaya inhaled the food placed before him. It was a huge lump of yellow paste that looked like mashed potatoes. It smelt like
sulfer and looked like it crawled out of the sewer, but Hitsugaya didn't care. He ate the whole lump as fast as he could. He was so hungry
that he began to lick what was left off the plate. The man with the viking beard flung the door open and marched in. When he saw Hitsugaya
licking the plate, he let out a thunderous laugh.
"You are so pathetic. It's hilarious." barked the man. Hitsugaya looked up at him from the floor. His eyes seemed more alert then
before. Subtle emotions swirled in his eyes. The bags had become less prominent. To sum it all up, he looked more alive.
"Who are you?" Hitsugaya asked.
"You can call me Head Scientist Erik. Now get up. The first experi- I mean test is about to begin." Erik hoped the boy hadn't caught
his mistake. Hitsugaya looked at him inquizitivly.
"Why?" he asked. Erik arched a bushy red brow.
"Because it is. Get up now, b
:iconaimiluna:AimiLuna 2 7
Experimental Chapter 1
Pained shrieks echoed through the old tunnels in a secluded mine. In a large open area, people in white coats rushed busily around
preparing tests for their subjects. One man with a bald head and a beard like a viking made his way into a cell in the back of the mine. He slid
open the heavy wooden door and entered. He looked down at the boy chained by his skinny wrists to the far wall.
"Status." he said to the two other scientists.
"We had to drug him to give him his mark." answered the woman with a bob and thick glasses. She turned the boy's head and
pushed his snow white hair away from the thick black bar code tattooed on the back of his skinny neck.
"Good. You are dismissed." the man said and the two immeadiatly left. The man looked at the boy with interest. He took a fistful of
his matted hair and looked into the boy's eyes. His teal eyes were void of everthing and bags had settled under his eyes. The man leet out a
cruel laugh as he punched the poor boy hard on his filthy cheek. He
:iconaimiluna:AimiLuna 1 18


Nothing is wrong! - Loki x Reader
You were spread out on the sofa in your apartment, a bowl that used to be filled with ice cream on the table and the TV turned on. You let out a satisfied sigh and smiled weakly.
”It finally settled down. No more pain for a while.” you mumbled as you decided to try and sit up. ”NOPE!” you quickly flopped back down and curled into a ball as the pain shot though you.
You rocked back and forth, trying to ignore the pain. But that didn't end well since the next thing you knew you were lying on the floor in even more pain.
”What are you doing?” a voice asked from the door while you were slowly trying to turn around to lay on your stomach instead of your back. Loki stood by the door, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. Yes, the God of Mischief was in your apartment. Not that it was anything special since he visited pretty often considering he was your boyfriend.
”They are going to explode...” you muttered as soo
:iconnixdex:nixdex 1,062 228
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I don't know what I did! I was texting my best friend and when I went to respond, I go the white screen of death. I took it to my mom and asked her if she could figure out what was wrong with it. We came up with nothing and we tried everything. This sucks. I don't get an upgrade until June. Screw you, stupid phone! Why couldn't you have died then!


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Yo. I am a weird little person by my standards. My friends have given me a... how you say... bad way of thinking. Me and my best friend are crazy (in a good way!). I can't draw anything good to save my life (if you want to see something, just ask). My younger brother is writingWARRIOR.
I am an otaku. I love Bleach. :iconshirochanplz: <---I is his fangirl. :iconpervplz:
I love Fullmetal Alchemist too. Ed is amazing. Love Al too.
Sebastian Michaelis is a boss. End of freaking conversaton.


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